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Roman Gods, MJCL Publication 2014

Ante Natalius

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3.This God is credited with inventing wine
6.This two faced God of decisions represented an important part of the Roman house
8.The crafty messenger of theGods
9.This Goddess gave up her throne for another God
12.This moody God stirred up earthquakes and created horses
14.A twin sister, she was the Goddess of the hunt.
15.This God was ruler of the third domain, the Underworld
1.This God fought on the Trojans in the Trojan War
2.King of the Gods
4.This God's name was used to create the term for strengthening rubber with fire
5.This Goddess's domain was agriculture, and we derive the word cereal from her name
7.This Goddess was ironically married to an ugly blacksmith.
8.Warrior Goddess, daughter of Saturn and Metis
10.Though his Roman form is not very well known, we often think of this minor God around Valentine's Day
11.A twin brother, this God was known for playing the lyre
13.The Queen of the Gods

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