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8th Grade 2nd Benchmark Review

Ms. Cordz

Review of matter, periodic table, bonding and acid-base reactions.

1 2 3 4
5             6            
  7   8            
  9 10 11                   12      
    14   15       16  
18             19        
        20 21                  
24                   25       26        
  28 29             30              
  33         34
      35                       36 37
39                                 40      
    41     42              
    43 44                

5.Another name for the rows in the periodic table.
6.Metal are found to the _______ of the zigzag line
8.the ability to be drawn or pulled into a wire
11.Name of group 18 (2 words - no spaces) (2 Words)
13.A memory trick to help you remember how to find protons, electons and neutrons (2 Words)
17.The large number to the left that tells how many molecules there are
18.The atomic number tells you the number of protons and ____________ an element has.
21.The mass of the neutrons and protons in an atom combined. (2 Words- no spaces) (2 Words)
22.The state of matter that is most compressible (easily squeezed)
23.In an atom, the number of protons is ____________ to the number of electons
24.A reaction that is not easily reversed and has different products from the reactants
25.Found along the zigzag line
27.The single, smallest unit of matter.
29.Name for a reaction between an acid and base
31.Bond that forms when atoms trade electrons
32.Reaction where A + B --> AB
35.The temperature at which something beings to change from a liquid to a gas (2 words - no spaces) (2 Words)
39.Reaction where AB + CD --> AD + CB (2 Words)
41.Number of electrons that fit on the first electon shell (spelled out)
42.Electrons are a subatomic particle with a _______________ charge.
43.Bond that forms when atoms share electron
45.Another name for the vertical columns in the period table
1.The state of matter with the highest energy
2.Name of the nonmetal in group 1
3.To find the number of valence electrons you look at the __________ digit of the group number.
4.The outermost electrons with the highest energy level
5.Protons are a subatomic particle with a ________________ charge.
7.Uncharged particle inside the atom's nucleus.
9.Family name of group 17
10.Atomic number six
12.The change in state from a solid straight to a gas
14.Ionic bonds form between a _____________ and a nonmental
15.Reaction where AB --> A + B
16.The small number to the right that tells how many atoms there are
19.Reaction where AB + C --> AC + B (2 Words)
20.The abbreviation for an element, always having one capital letter or one capital and one lower case letter (2 words - no spaces) (2 Words)
24.Two or more elements chemically combined
26.A state of matter with a definite volume but NO definite shape.
28.Atoms in the periodic table are arranged according to their _______________ (2 words - no spaces) (2 Words)
30.A positively or negatively charged atom
33.A state of mater with a definite volume and definite shape.
34.Two products of a acid-base reaction (2 words - no spaces) (2 Words)
36.A reaction that only changes the form of the reactants, not it's chemical composition
37.Most elements in this group are poor conductors
38.The change in state from a solid to a liquid.
40.The name for pure substances made up of only one type of atom
44.Group number of the most reactive metals (spelled out)

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