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Allie McDaniel Pca

1 2
4           5
7                   8              
9       10

3.Who looked at Stephen and said he had a face of an angel6:15
4.How many people did they add to the disciples6:3
7.What did people do with the sick(5 words)5:15
12.Who met with the Gentiles (3 words,2 people)4:27
13.What one of the seven new disciples got seized 6:12
14.Were Herod and Pilate filled with the Holy Spirit ?(yes or no)4:31
15.Stephen was filled of gods ______ ___ ______(3words) 6:8
1.These people got put in jail for following what god said(3 words,2 people) 4:3
2.Died because they lied of how much money they got from pottery(3 words, 2 people)5:1-10
5.Who came during the night to let the apoccials out of jail5:19
6.Who fingered out that Ananias and Sapphira lied 5:3
8.Who arrested the apoccials?(2words)
9.Who came at law to meet the people who were arrested by teaching the word of god 4:5
10.Who shared everything they had4:32
11.Why did the disciples chose seven more (hint:because they wanted to help_____)6:1-4

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