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Stuart Gedal & John E. Depp

3         4   5
  8             9  
11     12            

3.A larger photocopying company that didn't want to sell something called "a mouse".
6.He liked jokes, crashed his plane, quit Apple, and sponsors a ballet for children.
8.The last name of someone who didn't want to spend his whole life "making soda water" at Pepsi Cola.
11.The first Apple Factory.
13.Where in the USA was the original Microsoft office? (2 words, no spaces, no hyphens).
14.How much money, in US dollars, did Microsoft pay to get the Disk Operating Sysem from a lonely, nervous, programmer in Seattle?
16.Jobs was obsessed with a large computer company that he called ___________________. (2 words, no spaces, no hyphens).
17.Microsoft and Apple organized Sony Erricson and Blackberry to stop a move by Google. Together, the group paid $4.5 _________________ for 6,000 Nortel technology patents!
1.Both Gates and Jobs said: "Good artists copy, but great artisits _____________"
2.A farm or a large house shared by all the residents. Everyone has to do work and everyone shares the products or the money that they make.
4.A computer club at a university where young inventors showed new products to students.
5.The passion to advance your skills and your position in life is called _______________.
7.Jobs denied that she was his daughter, but he named a new computer after her.
9.The passion to make and keep as much money as possible is called _______________.
10.A person who may be rich, but gives a lot of his or her money to help people.
12.A new computer that was not made by Apple and that needed a program.
15.The last name of someone who came to the garage/Apple factory in a white Mercedes Benz..

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