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Kaiya pca

Kaiya burk

4             5
6 7    
8 9                
  12     13        

3.The Greek god of the under world Acts 2:27
4.A group that decide important decisions Acts 5:34
9.Was what jesus did after being crucified Acts 1:6
11.Another materiel some coins were maid out of Acts 3:6
12.The opposite of light Act 2:20
1.Another word for angry Acts 4:25
2.Was the savior of the world
3.It gave the ability to talk any language Acts 2:2
5.The trait of willing to undertake things that involve danger Acts 4:31
6.Havering good advice Acts 6:10
7.The great festival that marks the birth of the Christian church by the power of the holy spirt Acts 2:1
8.A materiel some coins were maid out of Acts 3:6
10.Person who pleads for something Acts 3:1
11.A ghost inside you Acts 3:23
13.Taking away someone's life Acts 5:33

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