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Rise of Hitler

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3.Italian Fascist who promised to restore Italy's pride and power
8.Group that Both Hitler and Mussolini blamed for the problems of Europe post WWI
9.Symbol that Hitler adopted to represent the Nazi Party
11.Possibile undiagnosed personality distorder that Hitler
15.rapid decrease in the value of German money after WWI.
20.Major global event that help Mussolini and Hitler rise in popularity.
21.Hitler's failed attempt to overthrowing the Bavarian Government
22.Name of the treaty that Hitler blames for destroyinbg germany's pride and economy
1.Title given to mussolini .... mean 'The Leader"
2.Event in which hitler had enemies and friends eliminated or sent to concentration camps
3.Mussolini's Personal Fascist Army
4.Amount of time Hitler Spent in Jail for trying to overthrow the Government
5.Hitler's father could have possible been ironically a member of this group of people.
6.Race of People that
7.Titlte given to Hitler... means "The Leader"
10.Job that Mussolini had before forming the Italian Fascist Party
12.Leader of the SA. Helped Hitler Rise to power then was killed by Hitler.
13.Hitler failed at this career as a teen in Vienna Austria
14.Hilter's Private army also known as the SA.
16.Position that Hitler was leagally appointed to in the German Government
17.Form of Government that requires total obedience to the contry and the "Leader"
18.Book Hitler wrote while in Jail
19.Germany was forced to accept total ____________ for WWI at the Paris peace treaty

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