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Bible Crossword - Connor Wiggins

Connor Wiggins

Mr. Brackins 7th Grade Jan. 15, 2014 4th Period

1 2 3
8 9              

4.Was a simple farmer who delivered God's Messages to people in a straight forward fashion.
5.Descended from King Hezekiah, influenced Jusiah to clean all sin away from Jerusalem, and Judah.
9.Described as the one who "wrestled with God" (Meaning: he was not afraid to ask God questions upfront)
10.A prophet who's main message was everyone can have God's love and concern if the effort is put forth, he was also swallowed whale
12.A prophet sent to set straight the people of Edomite
1.Was a prophet of God who used "word pictures" to tell people their message
2.Encouraged people to be aware of how you must give all to God to live a life in the eyes of God
3.Described the unclear parts of the bible to people in a more understandable form
6.He encouraged the city of Nineveh to turn away from their cruel and mean ways
7.Tried to fix the relation between God and Babylon
8.A prophet who encouraged people to get their priorities straight, God First, Everything else second
11.A prophet who foretold of the "Days of God" (Judgement Days)

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