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Salinas Search

Ricky Fagan

1               2  
4                     5
6   7            
  10 11          
  12         13        
15 16   17

1.What do people sometimes call Crooks?
4.How did Curley's wife die?
7.What was the excuse for curley's hand?
8.What did Lennie want from George?
9.What went missing after everyone found Curley's wife's body?
11.What did lennie always kill because he didnt know his own strength?
12.Why did George kill Lennie?
14.Who killed Lennie?
18.Who gave Lennie the mice?
19.Who doesn't know his own strength?
1.Who is the "Prince of the Ranch"?
2.Who almost became a Hollywood star?
3.What does Lennie love on his food?
5.Who owns the ranch?
6.Who was kicked in the back by a horse?
10.What is the boss's son's name?
13.Who killed Candy's dog?
15.How did Lennie feel before he died?
16.Who on the ranch only has one hand?
17.What town were Lennie and George in before Salinas?

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