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Peyton Brown

Peyton Brown


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2.Elisha used a mantle to strike what to cross over it? ( Elisha article paragraph 4)
4.Is the meaning of Amos ( Amos article paragraph 1) ( 2 words)
6.This nation's rich people went and took stuff from the poor. Amos had to stop them.(http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112277/jewish/The-Prophet-Amos.htm)
7.Amos had three occupations, this one started with a s ( Amos article paragraph 1)
8.This prophet was on of the minor prophet and he was the first prophet. ( Hosea article paragraph 1)
10.Elisha told this soldier to wash in the Jordan and he would be healed from leper. ( Elisha article paragraph 7)
11.what prophet was not from Israel, but from Judah ( Amos article paragraph 4)
13.Elisha watched Elijah be taken up into heaven on this.( Elisha article paragraph 4)
1.Elisha prayed that these people would become blind. ( Elisha article paragraph 9)
3.Where was the book of Hosea written? ( Hosea Article paragraph 2)
5.Jehoshaphat wanted this prophet to council him. ( Elisha article paragraph 5)
6.The story of the marriage with an unfaithful wife was to portray God and who's relationship? ( Hosea article paragraph 3)
8.This man had an unfaithful wife because God told him to marry a prostitute. It was to help him deliver the message. ( Hosea chapter 1)
9.This is the prophet that went and prophesied to the people of Israel and told them they to stop hurting the poor. (http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112277/jewish/The-Prophet-Amos.htm)
12.A couple was very hospitable to Elisha So Elisha asked God to give them this. ( Elisha article paragraph 6)

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