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Crossword Puzzle: Science Project

Jeffrey Marbid

1                   2            
3                             4 5
10 11           12  
16       17   18                    

1.The changes that occur in an area where no ecosystem has previously existed.
3.A community that exists in equilibrium and will not change drastically unless it is disturbed.
6.The place where an organism lives that provides the things the organism needs.
7.Resources which may limit the number of organisms supported by an ecosystem.
8.An organism’s particular role in an ecosystem.
9.Anything living in an ecosystem.
11.Ability to respond to changes in the environment.
13.The changes that occur after a disturbance in an existing ecosystem.
16.The first species to populate an area.
20.All the different organisms (populations) that live together in an area.
21.State of balance where an ecosystem will not change drastically unless disturbed.
2.A disastrous event, natural or man made that causes widespread damage or death.
4.Unexpected or uncontrollable natural event that results in widespread destruction of habitat, damage to property or injury/ death.
5.The place where an organism lives that provides the things the organism needs.
10.A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted, as in a garden.
12.A nonliving parts of an ecosystem.
14.All the living and nonliving things that interact in an area.
15.Occurs when more than one individual or population tries to make use of the same resource.
16.All of the organisms of the same species that live in area at the same time.
17.The disappearance of all members of a species from Earth.
18.Anything needed or used by an organism for survival.
19.Organism made up of algae and fungi living symbiotically.

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