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Leaders of the World's Religion

Georgia Scott

1 2 3       4  
5                 6   7
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3.Muhammad was born in the Arabian City of________.
5.Jesus ascended to Heaven _________ after his resurrection.
8.Muhammad's first wife was _______ older than him
10.The nickname given to Muhammad.
11.Jewish male must be _________.
13.Abraham founded the ________ nation around 4000 years ago.
14.The name of Muhammad's first wife.
16.Jesus was arrested by Jewish _____.
17.Jesus became the __________ for Christians.
18.Jesus often used ___________ and performing miracles to teach.
1.One of the Gospels that records the life and work of Jesus Christ.
2.___ promised Abraham that he would take care of the Jews and give them their own homeland.
4.A central figure in both Christian and Muslim scriptures.
6.Muhammad had _________ with his first wife.
7.Muhammad's nickname means___________.
9.Jesus rose from the dead _________ after he was crucified.
12.Jesus' followers were called_________.
15.He began his teaching in the temple at age twelve.

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