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Lean Six Sigma keywords

John McCurdy

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1.Colour of the initial lean six sigma belt.
6.Waste where too much stock is held.
7.project phase where you ensure the change has had an effect.
9.Waste of making more things than you have orders.
13.The flow of work from start to finish listing the activities that happen.
14.Project phase where data and information is looked at to draw out insights.
15.A set of tools that are used to remove variability from a process.
18.Colour of the fully qualified lean six sigma belt.
19.Waste where a person has to gather things from different places to get their work done.
20.Using the knowelge of staff to analyse and improve processes (maybe in a short event).
2.Waste of moving material and things around.
3.A way of improving processes by removing wastes.
4.Waste of doing too much to a product far and above wht is actually needed.
5.Waste where people or machines are left idle untill something else finishes.
8.Project phase where the problem is initially mapped out and project starts.
10.Type of process steps that the customer is willing to pay for.
11.Waste of making something out of specifications.
12.Colour of the 2nd lean six sigma belt.
16.Project phase where the process changes are implemented.
17.Project phase where the data is collected.

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