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Priscilla's 80th


1 2   3 4       5 6
    7     8     9  
10     11             12 13      
    14                 15   16          
  18                 19  
20           21       22         23  
  24           25         26        
  27       28   29                       30
  31 32             33          
            36 37          
38         39         40    
42                   43
    44     45           46  
  47             48   49    
  50 51   52        
53 54                
        55 56
57 58   59       60  
  62     63            
      64   65      
66         67     68      
70   71          

2.she knows a lot about this joint
4.Coco's best number
8.mom's favorite child
10.mom's favorite get-away
14.mom's favorite child
15.French loaf
17.baby Kathy's comfort
18.kitchen cruncher
20.item forbidden on the boat
22.driveway alarm
24.Frankie's Horn
26.bane of dog ownership
27.standard high-schooler's morning meal
33.Janet's Elementary
34.French bubbly
35.the money-colored ________
36.fried _______ sandwich
38.Grandma Rossa made it best
41.game for one
42.Mona Lisa's home
44.mom's favorite grandchild
47.mom's favorite child
48.mom's favorite child and brother
51.favorite reading genre
54.mom's favorite grandchild
57.___ of Cooking
61.52 in a deck
62.mom's favorite grandchild
64.Plantation bridge partner
66.mom's favorite child
67.Tijuana ______
69.Pres. in his first term when Mom was born
70.mom's favorite grandchild
72.foie ___
1.River through Paris
3.lurid fuzzy carpet color
4.attic element
5.mom's shadow
6.______ couture
7.mom's favorite grandchild
9.private ___
11.Dad's rainy day project
12.a place for lunch in Paris
13.hawaii home
16.S&H __________________
19.NY home town
20.French soup
21.it's her birthday
23.spillage lament
25.teen sleuth
28.mom's favorite great grandchild
29.it requires 4 cards
30.What's for 'zert?
31.French street vendor treat
32.Kenny duty
37.Becky's noise maker
39.City of Light
40.Gordy's boat(s)
42.Pris's handle
43.band-member topper
45.mom's birth state
46.La Tour ______
49.mom's favorite child
50.she drives over one to play it
52.blend the deck
53.Dad can tie his own
55.mom's favorite child
56.Dad has been known to smell like one
58.backyard tree
59.date bar lover
60.play the high card
63.not just for bouncing balls
65.terrorist terrier
68.tired boy's weapon
71.it helps keep your insides in

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