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Chapter 42-49, Vocabulary; When The Legends Die


2 3   4 5  
        6 7
  8 9              
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47             48              
50               51

1.broke a lamb's neck
3.the name of the horse that is with Tom on the mountain
9.Granite ____
10.herder who shot himself in the foot
11.spiritless (v)
12.Spot's partner
14.beans (v)
15.whip (v)
18.enjoy (v)
20.rotten (v)
21.adapt (v)
23.Part II The _____
24.Tom kills this and uses all its parts
26.bitter (v)
29.mattress (v)
31.what Tom sews
32.chipmunk stripes represent the ties to the ___
33.filtered (v)
36.with arms bound (v)
37.disapproving (v)
42.Jim _____ gives Tom a job
43.where Tom vowed he would never return
44._____ Borland
47.lariats (v)
48.state Borland was born in
50.roar (v)
52.bleating (v)
53.what Jim hired Tom to herd
55.why Tom needs the 30-30 shells
1.Part I was called
4.name of the supply man
5.Part IV is called The ____
6.literary device used to turn back the hands of a clock
7.One of the guys in the curb reminded Tom of _____ person.
8.deer (v)
13._____ Mountain, where the sheep are located
14.reddish (v)
16.satisfied (v)
17.dry (v)
19._____ clothes, the kind of clothes Tom got in the clothing store
21.claimed Tom as her son
22._____ Market
25.whipped (v)
27.hiding place (v)
28.When the legends die, the ____ end; when the ____ end, there is no more greatness
30.quiet (v)
32.the town got off the bus at
34.doubtful (v)
35.___is used as thread for sewing
38.the identity that Tom accepts at the end
39.San _____, the river that serves as the motif
40.Part III was called The ___
41.incite (v)
45.criticize (v)
46.Tom think the bear he is looking for is this kind even though Jim and others said none were left on the mountain
49.jumpy (v)
51.to bargain (v)
53.rude (v)
54.Tom was unable to kill this because it hadn't caused the problem in his life.

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