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Vocabulary 8


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1.type of jurisdiction for cases that can be decided bny either state or federal courts
3.appeals court's decision to send a case back to the lower court to be tried again
7.written argument outlining one side's position on a case
8.It outlines the facts of the cases, announces the ruling, and explains the Court's reasoning.
12.type of jurisdiction for cases that only federal courts can decide
2.decision written by a Supreme Court justice who agrees with the finding but for different reasons
4.principle allowing the Supreme Court to strike down laws as unconstitutional
5.It is the Supreme Court's job to decide whether laws are ___________
6.opinion written by a Supreme Court justice who votes against the final decision
9.guiding principle for courts that makes decisions predictable and consistent
10.these courts have the authority to try a case already heard in a lower court
11.calendar of the court

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