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1 2
    4 5 6
7       8                 9
  10                   11
12     13        
14               15   16     17  
20               21  
    25         26
28 29                  
30   31   32       33 34  
      35   36          

3.also the name of a planet and in period 6 group 12
7.chemical symbol is Sn
8.has one less proton than calcium
10.would have 7 electrons when neutral
13.group vanadium is in
14.has 9 protons
16.noble gas in period 3
19.usually has 5 neutrons
20.lightest element in group 16
22.group 17 period 3
24.chemical symbol is Pb
25.has one more proton than nickel
29.group 4 and period 4
30.average atomic mass of 7 amu
36.lightest element in period 3
37.average atomic mass of 12 amu
38.heaviest element in period 5
39.atomic number of neon
1.lightest noble gas
2.period 4 group 17
4.period nickel is in
5.atomic number 25
6.has one more proton than phosphorus
9.located below boron on the table
11.lightest element on periodic table
12.has 53 protons
15.valuable metal below copper on the table
17.number of protons in a hydrogen atom
18.the second element down in group 4
21.heaviest alkali metal
23.alkaline earth metal in period 4
26.heaviest alkaline earth metal
27.average atomic mass of oxygen
28.14 protons
31.period number of phosphorus
32.26 protons
33.chemical symbol is Au
34.number of protons in carbon
35.has an average atomic mass of 65 amu

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