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Sports Tactics and Leadership

  2 3       4          
7                     8

3.An arm around the shoulder to support a player.
5.This skill will improve organisation and passing options.
6.The Managers/Coaches strategy in building and developing a successful team
7.This mental attribute is needed to maintain a high performance
10.This person will display the highest standards on and off the field of play
11.This skill can be used to control the pace of the game.
12.A long term strategy to manage a season's challenge
1.This tactic can show a defensive, possession or attracting strategy.
2.A leaders ability to make a "Big Call" under pressure and then stick to it.
4.A leaders ability to change tactics and personnel to win the game
8.A leaders skills and experience in training will influence the team performance
9.An opportunity to plan, practice and implement a point/goal scoring situation.

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