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Don't Rehearse Your Problems

Pastor Kay Dillard

Be Strong and Courageous!

Joshua 1:5 Joshua 1:9 Matthew 11:28-30

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2.This is how many times we are meant to live through our problems
4.He made promises to Moses and He kept them
7.Problems or difficult situations that we face
8.Jesus wants to give us this so that we don't have to do things ourselves
11.The leader that the Lord spoke to in our lesson today
12.Sometimes we do this with our problems, but we should not!
15.The opposite of being afraid
16.We need to remember that God wants us to do this more
1.The opposite of courageous
3.Jesus gives us this to replace our worries
5.We should do this with all of God's laws
6.This is who we need to go to when we need help
7.Our Lord God wants us to have this instead of worries
9.Jesus will give us all of this that we need
10.This is what we usually do when we face a problem
13.The opposite of weak
14.This man was God's servant and leader of the people before Joshua

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