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My Mathematics Crossword Puzzle

Melissa Reanud

3   4   5              
  8       9            

3.a survey contains bias if it does not reflect the population. an unrepresentative sample, the wording of the survey questions, and/or the interpretation and presentation of the results
5.to sell an investment at a value less then its usual price
6.the angle between the horizontal and the line of sight up to an object also known as an angle of elevation
8.facts of pieces of information
9.multiply, often using the distributive property
10.The anlge between the horizontal and the line of sight down to an object
11.The angle between the horizontal and the line of sight up to an object. Also known as an angle of elevation
12.data that are types rather than numbers, for example: colours, types of snack food ect.
13.the perimeter of a circle
1.a distribution that contains two equally likely measures of central tendency within the data
2.a polynomial that has two terms.
4.The final value of an investment, including the principal and the accumulated interest. Also called the future value.
6.the number of square units needed to cover a two-dimensional region
7.a set of outcomes with the same result
12.a prisma with six congruent square face

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