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Internet and email

Gina Maguire

1   2             3 4 5
  7           8    
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1.You click on these to move from page to page in a website (a hand)
7.Junk emails that are unsolicited
9.An internet connection without cables
10.Website where you can watch videos
11.Yahoo, Bing and Google are examples of this (2 Words)
14.Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are examples of this (2 Words)
16.You use this button to move on to the next internet page
18.Uniform Resource Locator
19.A web based email system like gmail (2 Words)
21.You can add this to an email you are sending (maybe a document or photo)
22.You use this to get rid of unwanted emails or spam
24.You can save your favourite people to send emails to in this folder
25.You must do this to get a hard copy of your work
1.The button to bring you back to the very first page and your search engine
2.You need these to get into lots of online accounts, especially email
3.These sites are used by people who want to communicate with each other (2 Words)
4.An internet connection with cables
5.The first page of a website (2 Words)
6.You can save your most liked websites to this folder
8.Internet Service Provider
12.Buying and and selling goods and services online
13.You need this button to get your page working when it has frozen
15.Electronic learning (learning and doing courses online)
17.A discussion or information site made up of different peoples posts
20.You use this button to move to the previous internet page
23.A letter sent by the computer

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