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South Asia Crossword Puzzle

by:shada thompson

1 2               3        
    4 5
  6 7            
9                                   10      
  11     12              
  15   16

2.the four phases of the hindu religon
7.the holy book of islam
8.the carbon & other chemicals that come from car engine
9.two house parilment made up of repersentatives elected from all across india
11.the worship of many gods that are apart of a supreme spirt named brahman
13.name given to the 6000 mile journey that mao zedong 7 his followers took to avoid capture
14.belif that people should find peace if they could reject gready desire
18.name given to china's attempt in the 1950s to reorganize the economy
19.a tropical storm
20.ones actions determines ones fate
1.american commander given the job of rebuilding japan after ww2
3.the name of the ruling party in china
4.the loyalty to a group with whom one shares a common history,culture,&/or religon
5.a body of lan that is surrounded by water on 3 SIDES
6.the earliest religon i japan which means "way of the gods"
10.name given to the commubist army in china
12.two-house legislature that is elected by japanese people
15.one of the most important fossil fuels
16.a book containing prayers & rituals of the hindu religon
17.a country in south asia (bomed pearl habor)

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