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communicate and work effectively in health



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1.The act was introduced in 1988 to protect peoples___________
4.Client files should not be left open as they contain this kind of information
6.Gaining feedback during communication can ensure that you are doing this
7.trying to understand something from another persons perspective
9.sets out your work roles and responsibilities
10.Developing this assists in relationship development
12.In many european and arabian countries it is common to greet people by
13.Communication is about the sending & receiving of these.
17.Touching can be seen as this
19.people have the _____ to freedom from discrimination or harrassment in the workplace
21.This service can be used if communication is difficult due to a language barrier
24.The unique differences amongst people in society
25.a smile can convey this message
26.The privacy act and the freedom of information act are examples of....
28.using these kinds of words in communication can lead to misunderstanding
30.It is important not to do this with personal information without consent
31.a problem that is not properly resolved can cause this
2.Problem between persons private interests and public obligations
3.listening, attending, responding and asserting are ___________ skills
5.You should do this when you believe something may harm an individual
8.someone having responsibility for the care of someone else
11.these can arise when attitudes values and beliefs are brought into conflict
14.If conflict can not be resolved you may have to speak to your______________
15.repeating back in your own words parts of what the other person has said
16.This forms the majority of our communication with others
17.when speaking with a client you should always_______ yourself
18.If you are unsure about something you should.....
20.in agreement with accepted principles or rules for right conduct
22.People who communicate well are good at this
23.4 things need to be clearly demonstrated in order for this to be proven
27.To resolve conflict it is important to have all of these
29.your organisation should have one of these for dealing with complaints or grievances

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