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1                                         2
4 5  
14   15                

1.authority held by a court to hear a case that is appealled from lower court
3.the court in which a case is originally tried.
6.the power of the superme court to declare laws and actions of local,state.
7.or people engaged is a law-suit to come before them.
9.group the hears changes against a suspect and decides whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the peroson to trial.
13.the authority of a trail court to be first to hear a case
14.a written explanation of superme court decision,also,in some states,a written interpreation of a state constitution or state laws by the state attorney government
16.which held that if facilities for both races were equal,they could be separate
17.the authority to hear certain case
18.a trial jury,usually constits of 6 or 12 people. that weights the evidence presented at a trial and render a verdict.
19.a court established bu congress under the constitation
20.is the largost national organization of attornes.
2.or the national right to life might oppose a nomissee based upon a nominnees inter peretation of roe.wade.the historic case that sets down the condidtions under which a women can legany obtain an obortion
4.of the fourteeth amendment when individuals challeged business or state interests.
5.a system in which the pressidat submits the name of candidate for judical appointment to the souators from the candidates before formaly submitting it for full senate apporoeal.
8.or vegions, with 1 appellate court in each circuit the thirteeth court is a special appeals court with national jurisdication.
10.a court created to help congress exercise it's powers
11.authority shared by both federal and state courts
12.travelit to hold court in justice assigneed region of the country.
15.a formal change by a grand jury.

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