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Fungal Infections Review Crossword

PHCY 841 - Day 5 AM Activity

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5 6 7    
9                             10               11 12
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  27                   28              
    30           31
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37                       38                    
43           44          

1.Azole antifungal that should be administered on an empty stomach when given as an oral solution
4.Candida spp. with reduced susceptibility to fluconazole
9.Dosage formulation for posaconazole (2 Words)
10.Brand name for itraconazole
13.Topical azole for oral candidiasis that is available as a troche
14.CT-scan finding surrounding a nodule associated with Aspergillus
17.Most common Candida spp. in oral candidiasis
18.Brand name for flucytosine
20.Class of antifungals that does NOT require renal dose adjustment
21.Brand name for anidulafungin
22.Endemic mycosis in the Mississippi & Ohio river valleys
24.Endemic mycosis in the southwestern United States
26.Yeast growing in a _____ culture does NOT need treatment if asymptomatic.
27.Test that uses fluorescent in situ hybridization to determine Candida spp.
28.CSF stain for detecting Cryptococcus (2 Words)
36.Azole antifungal that should be administered with a high fat meal
37.Agent used for consolidation therapy in Cryptococcal meningitis
38.Brand name for caspofungin
39.Brand name for posaconazole
40.An empiric treatment option for candidemia in severe critical illness
41.Most common clinical disease caused by coccidioides immitis (2 Words)
42.Brand name for micafungin
43.Brand name for voriconazole
44.Candida spp. inherently resistant to fluconazole
2.Drug of choice for initial treatment of severe blastomycosis
3.Antifungal that can cause significant bone marrow supression
5.Candidemia is typically treated for ______ weeks.
6.Organ system most commonly affected by blastomyces
7.Endemic mycosis associated with bat or bird droppings
8.Encapsulated yeast acquired from pigeon droppings (2 Words)
11.Drug of choice for Aspergillus
12.Brand name for liposomal amphotericin B
13.Formulation component of IV voriconazole that can accumulate in renal impairment
15.Common side affect of amphotericin B
16.Candida spp. associated with CVC use
19.Azole antifungal that can cause hallucinations
23.Suppressive therapy given after treatment of blastomycosis in immunompromised patients is considered _____ prophylaxis.
24.An empiric treatment option for candidemia in a neutropenic patient
25.Azole antifungal for the treatment of histoplasmosis
29.Drug of choice for oral candidiasis
30.Brand name for amphotericin B lipid complex
31.Echinocandin that does NOT require a loading dose
32.Brand name for fluconazole
33.Empiric treatment for candidemia in mild critical illness
34.Agent used in combination with amphotericin B for induction therapy in Cryptococcal meningitis
35.Candida spp. common in deep tissue infection

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