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Ancient Civilizations Review Crossword

Determine the word(s)that match the descriptions given.

1 2 3
4                                 5   6
11   12                    
13                               14            
15                               16 17
22                               23
25       26                      
  29             30   31  
33             34    

4.Principle that stated that the gods would support a just ruler, but would not allow anyone corrupt to hold power.
7.Dynasty that overthrew the Shang Dynasty.
8.Sum effect of a persons actions, both good and bad.
9.Complex and organized society that has developed cities, a form of organizaed government, formalized religion, specialization of labor, social classes, and a form of writing for keeping records.
10.One of the world's oldest religions whose most basic component is Brahman.
12.Amorite king of Babylon. Wrote a series of laws for people to follow.
13.Region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf where some of the richest soil lies between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates.
14.Term also known as reincarnation, or rebirth.
15.Set of truths that Buddha is said to have learned while meditating.
18.Egyptian ruler/ king
20.Northern Kingdom located downriver that occupied most of the Nile Delta
22.Series of steps that Buddhists believe leads to enlightenment.
24.A warlike Indo-European tribe that settled in Aisia Minor around 2000 B.C.
26.One of the earliest civilizations whose name means "between the rivers."
27.Structures organixation managed by officials.
28.A state ruled by religious figures.
29.Group of people who developed the firstcivilization.
32.Empire that gained power after the fall of the Hittite's.
33.The ultimate goal of human existence for Hindus when a person is released from the cycle of rebirth.
35.Book written by Confucius that stated that a ruler should treat his subjects fairly.
36.Book based off of Daoist thought that is full of various short sayings.
37.A social hierarchy in Indian society that divideded individuals into catergories that determined who they could marry and what jobs they could hold.
1.Set of 282 laws that were written down for all to see.
2.Revolution that resulted from a shift from hunting and gathering food to farming.
3.State of perfect peace in which the soul is forever freed from suffering.
5.Religion that teaches people that they can escape the suffering of the world through Buddha's teachings.
6.Hindu set of spiritual duties and obligations based on a person's class and station in life.
11.Egyptian writing system
16.A large landmass that is part of the continent. India is an example of this.
17.Southern Kingdom located up the Nile river whose people worhsipped a vulture goddess.
19.Least successful Empire that succeeded the Assyrian's, and lasted for less than 100 years.
21.This valuable stone, translated in three different languages, unlocked the mystery of Egyptian writing.
23.triangular area at the mouth of a river made up of depositis.
24.Egyptian woman who declared herself as Pharoh.
25.Gathering of wealthy nobles
30.River in Egypt that flows northward to the Mediterranean Sea.
31.Series of rulers from one family or bloodline.
34.A war leader in Vedic society that ruled over and protected a certain region.

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