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Complete crossword puzzle. All answer will involve either Nationalism, Industrial Revolution, Urbanization, & Sectionalism.

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          13                 14

1.This transformed us from an agrarian society to an industrial society
5.Period of unity during the Monroe presidency
7.Florida becomes a new state
12.Buy the US steel! The tax on the British steel makes it way to expensive
13.=More Slaves and >Indian Land
15.With higher tariffs, better roads & canals, and the recreation of the US bank the US will certainly become stronger
16.Jane is able to create a product & sell that product for a profit with very little interference from the government
17.Inventor......old school text messaging
18.Strengthened the federal government; interstate commerce
19.Interchangeable Parts & Cotton Gin
20.War Hawk; American System
2.Just use the piece of that gun to fix your broken gun since it's the same
3.France would not dare interfere with Venezuela because if they do we will defend our neighbors
4.Inventor of the steam boat
6.Textile Mills
8.The South, North, & West all started develop their own unique identities
9.Strengthened the federal government; elastic clause (national bank)
10.You below the 36 slaves ok.....you above no slaves
11.taking pride in one's country
14.The farmer from Tennessee moved to the growing city of Philadelphia to find work

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