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AS Comms & Culture Revision

Jo Done

This crossword will help you revise all the elements you need to know in order to successfully pass your AS exam.

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1.Where signs get meaning from their association with other absent signs (eg: the sun has particular connotations not only because it is the sun but also because it isn’t the moon).
4.A text (such as a caption or object in a photo) that provides the link between the image and its context.
9.The situation within which communication takes place.
12.A sign that bears no physical relationship to what it represents (eg: a word, name)
15.The worth, importance or usefulness of something to somebody.
16.The most basic or literal meaning of a sign (eg: the word "rose" signifies a particular kind of flower).
17.Control and influence over other people and their actions.
18.The linguist who defined the sign as being made up of the matched pair of signifier and signified.
21.A process through which meanings are exchanged (eg: can be verbal or non-verbal).
22.Meaning systems consisting of signs (eg: dress and colour).
25.What is Non-Verbal Communication made up of?
26.The first element of Self-Concept theory that is concerned with the view you have of yourself.
28.Those who the message is intended for.
29.The meaning or meanings suggested by the material object.
30.The person who gives a message out.
31.The material object that creates meaning.
32.A sign where the signifier indirectly represents the signified (eg: smoke signifies fire).
2.The sense we have of ourselves.
3.Variation in the voice when speaking.
5.A sign that directly resembles the signified.
6.Where signs get meaning from their sequential order (eg: grammar or the sequence of events that make up a story/narrative).
7.A model of self-awareness created by American Psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in the 1950s.
8.A way of life which expresses certain meanings and values.
10.The construction of aspects of 'reality' (eg: Facebook or Twitter profile).
11.The deeper associated meanings of a sign or signifier.
12.The third element of Self-Concept theory that is concerned with the your view of your own worthiness.
13.Who created the concept of High and Low Culture?
14.The second element of Self-Concept theory that is concerned with the image you wish to aspire to.
17.Vocal features that accompany speech.
19.The process in which the message given.
20.A communication model.
23.The study of signs, symbols and signification.
24.What gets in the way of a message being correctly received?
27.The process in which the message is interpreted.

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