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English Secondary Schools ( 8 Base )

By: Eladel Elfehri

1   2   3 4              
7         8              
9       10          
12                   13          
14               15  
17 18    

1.(noun)a song of praise, especially one praising God
4.a door, gate or passage used for entering a room, building or place
5.(noun) the opinion that people have about what sb/ sth is like, based on what has happened in the past
7.a way out of a public building or vehicle
8.a group of people who meet together for a particular purpose
10.(adjective) not interesting; making you feel tired and impatient
12.(adjective)the synonym of "obligatory" and the antonym of "optional"
13.to be present at an event, a place, a class ...
14.to ... sth.is to do something or to entertain an audience by playing a piece of music, acting in a play, etc.
16.(noun)the clothes worn by all members of a group, organization or by children at school
19.a room where teachers can go when they are not teaching
2.a situiation in which two or more people meet together, because they have arraged it or by chance
3.(reg.verb) to make sb pleased by doing or giving them what they want
4.(adjective)not part of the usual course of work or studies at school or college
6.(adjective/ adverb) acceptable; in an acceptable manner = OK
9.= finish or end
11.a small meal or amount of food, usually eaten in a hurry
15.(noun)a short period of time when you stop what you are doing and rest, eat, etc.
17.(adjective) trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rudde
18.a play for the theatre, television or radio / plays considerd as a form of literature

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