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CIVICS...Chapter 9 Crossword

Student name: ____________________________________________________

See pages 227-241

1 2     3   4        
5   6             7      
13                   14      

2.city government consisting of a governing commission only
6.a meeting open to all town residents to discuss issues and vote on decisions
8.authority granted by the state to amend your city charter
10.federal funds given to states and local governments to fund specific projects
11.a division of state government
13.regulations that govern a community
14.a unit of local government, usually larger than a village and smaller than a city
15.heads the county law enforcement overseeing deputies and an office staff
1.a city's executive officer
3.a unit of local government that is incorporated by the state and that has a large degree of self-government
4.a unit of government set up to meet a specific need such as schools or hospitals
5.federal funding for states and local government for broadly defined purposes
7.a local government headed by an elected supervisor and elected commissioners
9.a city's legislative body
11.the largest type of municipality
12.a plan for a local government unit that defines its powers, responsibilities and organization.

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