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2.Max studied the _______ of the American Civil War.
4.The blanket was very ____.
5.Bob hung a _______ of a sailing ship on his wall.
6.She wanted to buy the painting, but she did not have enough money.
10.The group _____ along the West Coast Trail.
15.She put her keys ______ her purse.
16.Sidney was very good at ________ the numbers of customers each day.
17.The fried chicken ___ french fries tasted wonderful.
20.The _________ prepared my income tax return for me.
22.Boris sat _________ on the fragile chair.
25."_________, all my troubles seemed so far away."
26.Petra could not finish all her macaroni, __ she threw it in the garbage.
28.The waiter _______ the tray of food.
29.Alice went ______ the train heading for Los Angeles.
33.She rested her head on the ____ pillow.
34.He had __ albino dog as his pet.
35.Mary wore a _____ dress to work.
37.Doris _____ her car carefully through the heavy traffic.
38.The old man walked very ______ down the street.
39.Billy saw the black and white striped _____ when he visited the zoo.
1.Franklin Stubbs ______ he had a better paying job.
3.He parked his car ________ the entrance to the mall.
4.Henry had been _______ at his job for ten years.
7.The ____ was very tall, with many leafy branches.
8.George was trying to finish ___ crossword in record time.
9.The ________ contained many offices, belonging to many different companies.
11.The produce store sold many different types of fresh __________.
12.The battery charger was ___ his cell phone.
13.Everyone finished the test _____ Frank, who was stuck on one difficult question.
14.The ____ said that it was a one-way street.
16.Jack and Edna lived in a ____ cottage in the forest.
18.The tourist gazed up at the ________ mountains.
19.The bank robber was arrested by an alert _________.
21.Sarah's dress was in the latest _______.
23.When Laurie her the sad news, she began to ___.
24.Dan went to sleep _______ setting his alarm clock.
27.President _____ delivered his speach to an attentive audience.
30.Betty peeled the zesty _____, before eating it.
31.The car bumped over the _____ road.
32.She took the flowers in the ______ vase.
36.The tiny _____ lived in a small burrow inside the barn.

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