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Westward Expansion

Unit Test Review

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4.Angered by Santa Anna's refusal to listen to their petition, this man led Americans and Tejanos in the Texan Revolution
7.in the beginning, most people who moved to Hawaii were going there to spread this relgion
8.this person was unable to finish his expedition because he was arrested by Spanish authorities
9.the practice of a stronger nation extending their economic, political and/or military control over a weaker nation
11.the belief that Americans were supposed to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
13.The U.S. President most known for his vision of expanding the borders of the U.S.
14.Brigham Young led his people along this trial to flee from religious persecution
15.The Mexican President during the Mexican-American War
16.President Jefferson was mostly concerned with maintaining access to this port
17.this piece of land was purchased from Mexico for the purpose of extending the transcontinental railroad
18.Most people traveling along the California Trail were looking to strike it rich by mining for this
1.the Orgeon trail was the most popular and its path roughly followed the expedition route of these famous men
2.this trail was unique since it ended in Mexican territory and mostly attracted traders
3.Santa Anna and the Mexicans wanted this river to be the northeastern border with Texas
5.The slogan "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!" referred to the northern limits of this territory
6.this land was purchased from the French in 1803 since Napoleon needed money for wars in Europe
10.President Polk wanted this river to be the southwestern boundary of Texas
12.The U.S. purchased Alaska from this country

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