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Chapter 9 Management

Mrs. T.

1 2                   3 4
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        12 13  
  15                     16      

1.The extent to which a person believes that he or she is a worthwhile and deserving individual.
5.The type of locus of control where individuals believe they are in control of their lives.
6.The relatively permanent set of psychological and behavioral attributes that distinguish one person from another.
8.The total set of work-related behaviors that the organization expects the individual to display (2 Words)
11.The extent to which an individual believes that power and status differences are appropriate within hierarchical social systems like organizations.
14.A person’s ability to get along with others.
15.Occurs when an individual does not show up for work
18.A tendency to be generally downbeat and pessimistic, see things in a negative way, and seem to be in a bad mood. (2 Words)
19.The number of goals on which a person focuses.
20.Personal attributes that vary from one person to another. Individual differences lead to differing behavior among individuals. (2 Words)
21.A tendency to be relatively upbeat and optimistic, have an overall sense of well-being, see things in a positive light, and seem to be in a good mood. (2 Words)
2.A person’s comfort level with relationships.
3.The type of locus control where individuals believe the external forces dictate what happens to them.
4.The behavior of individuals that makes a positive overall contribution to the organization (2 Words)
7.The extent to which a person is poised, calm, resilient, and secure. (2 Words)
9.An individual’s beliefs about her or his capabilities to perform a task.
10.The set of processes by which an individual becomes aware of and interprets information about the environment.
12.Occurs when people quit their jobs.
13.Categorizing or labeling people on the basis of a single attribute.
16.Occurs when demands exceed resources.
17.A person’s flexibility of beliefs, wide range of interests, and willingness to accept change.

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