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2.They are the hair in the nose
4.You need it to breath in and out
6.This is on the red blood cells to stick to the oxygen
11.They surround the alveoli. They also are In between the veins and the arteries
12.It is an airway that the larynx is a part of
13.It has 5 functions
16.They live for 3-4 months
20.They are split connected to the bronchi and they have alveoli attached to them
22.Can get blood from anyone as long as they have the rh antibody
1.They help with the immune system
3.It houses the vocal cords
5.It expands to help you breathe
7.The universal blood donor
8.They takes oxygenated blood away from the heart
9.They brings deoxygenated blood to the heart
10.It performs gas exchange
14.There are two of them. They have alveoli in them
15.They are needed for blood clotting
17.There are two of them, they are a passageway for air
18.It warms air
19.It it 55% of blood
21.You are o- you can get blood from only the ______ blood type

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