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Crossword Puzzle Science

Allan Reuben and Seth maman

3   4                
6           7                        
12         13                          
      15   16          
17   18       19
  22   23      

1.This was first discovered in Monkeys
4.This muscle relaxes when you breathe out
6.This means that one person can receive blood from another person
8.This transports oxygen from the heart to the capillaries
9.This is how you determine your blood type
10.This is the number of bronchi you have
12.What blood vessel takes the blood back to the heart?
13.This is the shape of the Red Blood Cells
14.This transports nutrients and waste, and makes up 55% of blood
15.This aids in the blood clotting process
20.These have to match the antigens of the blood donor
21.What is the part of the respiratory system that performs gas exchange
22.Veins have these to prevent blood from flowing downwards
24.This is located in the trachea and produces sound
1.These transport oxygen to the cells
2.These cells defend you against disease
3.Where is the oxygenated blood given to the cells
5.This blocks dust from entering the nose
7.This is a product of cellular respiration
11.The name given to someone who gets blood
16.The O blood type has none of these
17.This transports the oxygen to the bronchi
18.Arteries have _____ walls because of higher pressure
19.The name given to someone who gives blood
23.These store the air

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