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lymphatic & immune

Hltap301 revision

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1.The cells that surround, engulf and destroy foreign substances, "cell eaters"
5.coughing & sneezing helps to ___ foreign matter
12.Primary function of the _____________ system is to protect the body from harmful substances such as pathogens, allergens, toxins and malignant cells.
14.Natural immunity is passed from the ______to her developing child before birth.
15.Acquired immunity is also known as ______ immunity
17._____________ lymph nodes located in the groin
18.sweat and sebum contain these agents
21.____________ and asthma are examples of allergic conditions
22.these projections move the mucous along the respiratory tract
24.when the body is exposed to various__________ and builds a defence that is specific to that antigen
26.________ lymph nodes – located under the arms
28._______________immunity is also known as acquired immunity
29.T _____________ attack antigens directly
32.intact means there are no cuts, scrapes, open sores or breaks in the skins_______
33.acquired immunity is obtained by the development of antibodies during an attack of an _________disease such as chicken pox
34.__________ immunity involves antibodies that are produced in someone's body other than your own
2.this acid in the stomach kills microorganisms
3.evidence suggests not enough ________ increases the risk of colds by reducing the immune system's ability to fight infections
4.the low pH of the _________________ kills microorganisms
6.the kind of barriers that include skin & nasal hairs
7.the third line of defence is your___________ response
8.Immune System Response Factors include Health Age heredity & ________ infection
9._______________arthritis is an autoimmune disorder
10._____________ can damage the cilia that propel mucous away from the respiratory tract
11.The better the persons health, the more likely the immune system can respond _________
13.Older individuals usually have more acquired immunity, however, their immune system tend to respond less _____ and effectively to new challenges
16.___________is an autoimmune disorder
19.second line of defence is the _____________ response
20.Immune health can be improved with diet, lots of fresh fruit and_______
23.Your first line of defence is__________ skin
24.B cells produce and secrete _________________
25.the ___________ system provides lymph nodes that fight invaders by filtering and destroying pathogens that have entered the tissues of the body
26.You can have______________ or passive immunity
27.a structure of the lymphatic system
30.anything capable of causing disease
31.the body uses these kind of blood cells to defend against invaders

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