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integumentary system


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1.blue or greyish discolouration of the skin
3.can be a sign of an integumentary disorder
7.decubitis ulcers are classified into 4 ___________
8.the integumentary system also serves to protect from _____________
11.___________such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma
13._____________are defined as any break in the body’s tissues.
14.Pressure ulcers can be caused by _____________ factors such as pressure, shearing forces or
18.pressure ulcers can be caused by__________ factors such as nutritional status, body type, mobility, neurological factors
19.the ___ layer insulates the body from extreme temperatures and anchors the skin to underlying structures
21.it is responsible for manufacturing______D
24.this system assists with_____________ regulation
25.secrete skin darkening pigment called melanin
2.the dermis contains sweat and___glands
4.reddened area on the skin
5.medical term for itchiness
6.pruritic skin eruption characterised by weals
9.thin outer layer of the skin
10.another name for pressure area, ___________ ulcer.
12.two accessory structures
15.Skin testing, wound swabs , Direct examination and skin________ are examples of diagnostic tools
16.is a chronic skin disorder characterised by red patches covered by thick, dry,
17.Inflammation of the sebaceous glands from retained secretion in which pustules can
20.The "true" skin; Contains blood vessels, nervous tissue, hair follicles and hairs, sebaceous glands and sweat
22.the skin has millions of _____ endings, which allow us to respond to the sensations of pain, pressure, heat & cold
23.this system excretes water and ____ products

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