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Interwar Years

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3                 4            

3.Where Britain and France agreed to Hitler taking the Sudetenland if he would leave Czechoslovakia alone
9.Fascist party leader who also was dictator of Italy before and during World War II
11.Living space that Hitler claimed Germany needed and could get by conquering Eastern Europe and Russia.
1.Agreement between Hitler and Stalin to secretly divide Poland and to publicly never attack each other for ten years
2.Economic crisis starting in 1929 and last through the 1930s, helping fascist dictators take over in Europe
4.A form of totalitarianism that emphasizes the importance of the state (government) over that of the individual
5.Giving in to an aggressor to keep the peace
6.Charismatic leader of Germany who wanted to conquer land, and remove Jewish people from Germany
7.What the United States did to avoid war (avoiding political ties with other countries)
8.An alliance that became the major aggressor in World War II (Germany, Italy and Japan)
10.Political party that believed in using totalitarianism that ran Germany in the 1930s and 1940s (World War II).

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