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Ecologism Key Words

A2 Political Ideologies Ecologism Key Words

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2.Quite simply the biggest conspiracy... IN THE WORLD!
5.Mother of all, conscious
6.Affection for environment opened with a key
9.Not quite Jesus, connecting us all together
10.You will decay, like all closed systems
11.Humans are superior. All others are inferior. End of.
13.Let's all get arrested by the Russians!
14.After cotton, nothing matters but quality of life
16.Not Schwarznegger. The Scandinavian one.
18.Reduce this or DIE!
19.I live here, you live there, they all live somewhere.
1.Are we really that important?
3.We are the guardians and we should behave as such
4.The opposite of old; cloudless mushroom
5.Coloured party wants a better world
7.Men are the problem.
8.Beyond the atmosphere, sailing the world with limited resources
12.One is better than those below, and it stays that way
15.God told me to cut my son's throat. No, really.
17.Didcot power station requires endless fuel

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