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Hydrothermal vents

1     2     3       4    
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41                                   42     43    
44           45                                  
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    49     50              
52               53          

1.a waterspout (Yellowstone is famous for them)
3.a layer of minerals
7.reduce to very small pieces
9.force exerted on something
10.perhaps the most primitive life forms on the planet
13.hole in a rock or other solid structure
16.a precious metal found in vents
17.a person who studies the Earth’s composition
20.describes pH value of vent fluid
25.a place on earth where the crust is very thin (2 words)
26.what minerals in vent fluid do when they meet seawater
28.the metal whose chemical symbol is Fe
29.a fairly precious metal found in vent fluid
33.when you drive a machine from a distance (2 words)
35.chemical alternative to photosynthesis
41.chain of volcanos under the oceans (3 words)
42.term used to describe rock in a liquid state
44.what volcanoes do
45.an underwater geyser
46.between the crust and the core
48.a metal found in vent fluid
49.a chain of underwater volcanoes near New Zealand (2 words)
51.excessively hot
52.sea near Papua New Guinea (2 words)
53.what is not needed or used
1.to pour out of a confined place very rapidly (liquid)
2.form in which metals precipitate out from vent fluid
4.very very hot (enough to burn)
5.range, variety
6.when water goes gradually into rocks or the ground
8.what gives vent fluid its colour
11.a person who enjoys discovering new places
12.a mountain that erupts, ejecting lava etc
15.mineral that provides a lot of copper
18.the slowest spreading ridge
19.a vehicle that goes underwater
21.Structure from which vent fluid is emitted (2 words)
22.a highly toxic gas ejected from volcanoes (2 words)
23.a mineral deposit (2 words)
24.set up a new living place or habitat
27.describes pH value of seawater
30.the beginning of the ocean food chain
31.the continents lie on these (2 words)
32.to extract minerals
34.The ice lying at the poles (3 words)
35.microbes which sustain themselves from chemical reactions
36.what you should wear if you visit a volcano
37.reduce to a powder
38.upper layer of the earth
39.word to describe the column of vent fluid
40.large creatures found near vents
47.the bottom of the sea
50.what is found under the crust

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