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go ask alice


this puzzle is based on the book go ask Alice with characters, places,and vocab words from based on the book

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5.is where A does more drugs, prostitutes herself, and where she talks to a priest
8.Chris accompanies A on her journey to San Francisco, and the two girls go on and off drugs together
10.Richie is A's college boyfriend until she leaves home the first time. She sells drugs to help him someday attend medical school.
13.private, secret
15.A's younger brother
16.Richie's college roommate who has a hidden homosexual relationship with him.
18.A goes here with other drug users but loses them
20.injoying the company of others
21.A meets Babbie, a young former prostitute and drug addict, in the mental hospital.
22.An old drug-using friend of A's who threatens A when she won't return to her old habits and eventually gets Alice put in the mental hospital.
23."straight" girl who befriends A at the end of the book and accepts her into her group of non-drug-using friends.
24.this is the place where A and shelia moves to find a new aparment and open a jewerly shop
25.Sheila is a sophisticated older woman, into drugs and kinky sex, who gets Chris a job in her hip San Francisco boutique
26.to be unknown
1.Beth is A's Jewish neighbor, a nice girl with whom A bonds at first but, after A's drug use, Alice finds has changed.
2.a place A and chris moved after discovering ted and richie had sex
3.a feeling of something bad about to happen
4.The psychiatrist at A's mental hospital. He is sympathetic to A's case.
6.very servere, painful rage
7.violent drug user at school who tries to get A to get him drugs and later becomes her supplier
9.Roger is a straight, square boy on whom A has an overwhelming crush. He plans to attend military school
11.A's younger sister
12.14-year-old girl whom A meets in Oregon. She has been sexually abused by both her stepfather and foster family siblings.
14.to very strong
17.An affable, fatherly custom jeweler who gives A's a job. He has a large, robust Italian family.
19.An awkward girl A initially befriends when she moves into the new town.

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