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Supernatural Episode 1.03

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, names & phrases from Supernatural episode 1.03 - Dead In The Water

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3.What color is the bike that Lucas draws.
4.What Dean & Sam find buried that belonged to Peter.
6.Will said Sophie was a _____ swimmer.
8.Where Andrea attacked.
9.Dean says Sam's name is Agent ____ with the US Wildlife Service.
12.What did Lucas make for Sam & Dean.
15.Dean to Andrea - "Kids are the ____, huh?"
18.According to Dean & Lucas, who rules?
19.Name of the motel that Andrea takes Sam and Dean to.
20.What Dean plays with when he talks to Lucas at the playground
1.What Lucas uses to draw his pictures.
2.What Dean is circling in the paper at the restaurant.
5.What Will was cleaning before he drown in the sink.
7.Lucas's father's name.
10.Dean says his name is Agent ____ with the US Wildlife Service.
11.Peter's last name.
13.State where the episode takes place.
14.Name of the lake where the drowning occured
16.Bill, Will & Sophie's last name.
17.Name of the waitress in the restaurant.

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