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Article #1: Secrets of the Superfruit...

Afternoon Class January 2014

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1.A powerful tsunami hit ___ Asia.
4.Baobab is from ___.
8.A monthly cell phone bill is ___-$40.
9.Coco ___ was a fashion entrepreneur.
11.People who start a business
12.We stayed at an ___ resort with many amenities.
14.This Central American country is north of Costa Rica.
19.A marketed juice that is quite popular
20.Smoothies, soups, science experiments
23.Not mainstream or common
26.Obama ___ a medal to the soldier.
27.___berry can be found at IKEA.
28.The arrival of a new singer or product
29.Our ___ rights allow only us to receive the product.
30.I've ___ too much money and time to quit now!
2.Northern Europe contains ___.
3.I can't wait to ___ with my friends this weekend!
5.My neighbor has ___ junk in her backyard for years.
6.A person does this to candy, collectibles or food.
7.FDA stands for ___ and ___ Administration.
10.Help prevent wrinkles, cancer and arthritis
13.A very successful company
15.Every morning, I make a ___ of oatmeal, berries and nuts.
16.Snickers, Kit Kat and their ___ were passed out on Halloween.
17.McDonald's is a ___ ___ empire.
18.What is the latest superfruit called?
21.___-3 ___ acids are in baobab.
22.A highly nutritious fruit is called this.
24.___ berry originates from South America.
25.The FDA regulates food, ___, cigarettes and vaccines.

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