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Force and Motion

J. Dollar

1 2 3
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  11 12   13  

5.This is the property of matter that keeps it moving in a straight line.
6.The kind of speed a speedometer in a car displays.
9.This is the measure of the pull of gravity on an object. It is not the same as mass.
10.This is the amount of matter in an object and is measured on grams.
14.This tells you how the position of an object changes during a certain amount of time.
15.This is the property of motion that describes how hard it will be to slow down or stop and object.
16.Weight is measured with this unit of force.
17.Friction changes the energy of motion into _______.
18.The force that resists the motion of objects.
1.Pushes and pulls of all kinds can be called this.
2.The change in position of an object.
3.This is sometimes used to detect motion. (3 Words)
4.This is the force that pulls things toward the Earth.( and toward each other for that matter)
7.Any change in speed or direction is this.
8.Dividing distance by time will give you ________..
10.The more _____ an object has the more inertia it has.
11.This term describes both the speed of an object and the direction it is traveling.
12.The location of an object.
13.Mass times velocity equals this.

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