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Greek and Roman Mythology Puzzle

Casey Tattersall, CEO. YKPI

This puzzle contains different questions involving greek and roman forms of gods, and some other questions related. Number in parenthesis is how many letters are in the words (for example, if it said (4, 5) the clue answer could be [cute (4 letters) beast (5 letters)]. Enjoy!

1         2 3 4 5
      6 7     8      
9       10               11          
12 13                 14 15        
          18             19
    20 21        
22 23                               24 25      
26                     27       28    
29                     30         31 32        
33                                 34 35     36
37 38                   39 40                
  41   42                 43   44
    45           46       47          
    49             50        
  51                 52
53       54            
56       57              

1.Greek goddess of wisdom. (6)
7.Mr. Spock's race in Star Trek, or the Roman god of metalwork. (6)
9.Where the dead people that did no bad or good go to wander aimlessly. (6, 2, 8)
12.Mother Earth (4)
15.Where Rome, the city, is located (country). (5)
17.Turned everyone who looked in her eyes to stone. (6)
18.Ocean - blue planet, or Roman god of the sea. (7)
23.The two ways to spell the Greek hero who fulfilled 12 labors. (8, 8)
25.Roman Queen of all the gods, also close to the name of a month. (4)
26.Father Sky (6)
27.Rowdy half - man, half - horse creatures. (7)
29.The one type of fruit of the underworld. Once you eat it, you must stay there forever, unless you are Persephone. (11)
30.Very powerful and philosopher - loaded Greek city - state. (6)
32.The titan who held the weight of the sky on his shoulders. (5)
33.The war between Athens and allies versus Sparta and allies, started when Sparta thought Athens was getting too powerful. (13, 3) (2 Words)
35.Roman god of fighting and bloodshed. (4)
38.Greek god of forges, married to Aphrodite. (10)
40.The deep pit where all the evil monsters go when they die. Also a cosmic god, like Gaia. (8)
41.Poseidon's main wife and queen. (10)
45.The garden which held Hera's prized golden apples. The garden of the __________ (10)
47.Roman titan who killed the sky. (6)
48.Greek god of wine and grapes. (8)
49.The city which captured Helen, and started a huge war between Greece and themselves. (4)
50.The Roman form of Aphrodite. (5)
51.Ferries all the dead that have money across the River Styx. (6)
54.The type of government in Athens where a single person ruled the city- state. (7)
55.The only god or goddess who has no known mother or father, she just came up from the sea one day. (9)
56.Shoots the arrows of love. (4)
57.Where all dead Greek heroes go, where the sun never sets. (7)
58.Powerful ally of Athens, Greek city - state. (6)
2.The only god who's name is the same, whether Greek or Roman. God of music, and other things. (6)
3.Roman goddess who will never marry. I have seen people named this in real life. (5)
4.Roman form of Zeus. (7)
5.A half - goat, half - man creature on the gods' side. (5)
6.A Macedonian / Greek king who made a freaking HUGE empire. (9, 3, 5)
8.The wisest and calmest centaur, very smart. (6)
10.The type of government in Athens where people decided on how government was ran. (9)
11.The type of government in Athens where a couple aristocrats ruled the city - state. (9)
13.Greek god of war. (4)
14.The dwarf planet, also the Roman god of the underworld. (5)
16.Roman god of alcohol made from grapes. (7)
19.Roman form of the goddess known for being smart. (7)
20.Greek goddess of the hearth, does not have an Olympian throne. Instead, tends the hearth. (6)
21.These sisters only had one eye and one tooth between them. (3, 4, 7)
22.Greek god of thunder, king of all the gods. (4)
24.God of nature, is a Satyr. Plays the pipes. (3)
28.Greek maiden of the hunt, she will never marry. (7)
31.A Greek city - state that's culture is very war - based. (6)
34.Killed Medusa, mother was Danae, father was Zeus. (7)
36.The first river of the underworld, where Achilles was bathed by his mother. (4)
37.Greek god of the seas. (8)
39.Hades' unwilling wife. Greek form. (10)
42.Roman goddess who's mother is Ceres. (10)
43.Roman goddess without a throne on Olympus, tends the hearth. (5)
44.The boy who was given marriage rights to Helen by Aphrodite, but Helen already had a husband. Started the Trojan war. (5)
45.Queen of all the gods, Greek form. (4)
46.Greek goddess of the harvest. (7)
51.Roman form of Demeter. (5)
52.Greek ruler II of the universe. (6)
53.The Greek god of the underworld, or the underworld itself. (5)

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