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2         3       4  
    5   6
  7   8   9 10            
      14 15            
16 17             18          
19   20    
  21 22   23 24           25  
          27               28
29                   30          
33                       34            
35           36                  
37           38
40           41        

2.Cows Eat This
3.Salt & ______
8.”Chicken Of The ___”
10.First Men’s Magazine
11.”Tractor _______”
12.Type Of Puzzle
14.Common Headache Remedy
16.”April _______”
18.Place Of Learning
24.Flying Machine
26.Picture Taking Machine
27.Light Snow
29.Clothing Optional Camp
30.Dried Grape
31.Winter Storm
33.Pre School
34.Worn To See Better
35.Tiny Bathing Suit
36.You Watch Movies On This
37.Brings May _______
40.Famous Movie People
41.The Government Collects This Money
42.Big Boat
1.”Shop: for men’s hair
2.Place To Exercise
4.Philly Football Team
5.Storm With Tunnel Clouds
6.Clipped To Save Money At Stores
7.Keeps Hands Warm
9.”Squirrels Like To Eat These Nuts”
13.Machine That Moves Snow
15.Space T.V. Show With Mr. Spock (2 words) (2 Words)
17.“Beverly ______” Show
19.Indian Footwear
20.Spooky Holiday
21.Earsable Writing Instrument
22.Place To Buy Fuel (2 words) (2 Words)
23.”Person That Prepares Taxes
25.Famous Car Race
28.Opens To Let Boats Through
32.Bed Cover
37.Tinkerbell, For One
38.Used To Turn Lights Off And On
39.Machine That Takes Pictures Of Bones

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