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Micromatic Rules

Annette Halpin

These terms/questions relate to the rules of Micromatic. Test your knowledge of information from the Student manual.

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1.If you purchase plant in Q5 it is ready for use in this quarter.
5.In which industry do you operate?
8.You can lease a plant for either four or ____ quarters.
11.The downpayment % for any new plant. It is paid in the quarter of the purchase.
12.Number of units of output for an incomplete crew.
14.Number of workers in a 'crew'.
16.Number of possible Advertising Messages you have available.
2.Number of marketing research reports available to you to buy each quarter.
3.When a salesperson is hired, this cost is $2,500 in the first month.
4.In Quarters 1, 2, & 3 the most salespeople you can hire.
6.Money spent on quality affects Market Share and _____.
7.Price charged for your Micromatic in Q0.
9.Minimum number of units you need at your plant in Region 3.
10.Cost per unit of carrying costs in US.
11.Transfer costs of finished goods is highest to this region.
13.Charge per page is higher for this form of print advertising.
15.How many thousands of units of leased plant do you have?

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