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Vocabulary Review

1 2         3
  5       6
7     8           9
    10 11          
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  15                   16
  17     18 19                    
      22   23    
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  26                         27 28         29        
  30                       31    
32   33            
  34 35        
      36   37                     38
39       40                                
41 42                          
43         44 45              
      47               48 49  

2.prefix meaning against
4.to make unclear; to conceal or make less obvious
5.prefix meaning one
8.to free from blame or respoinsibility
10.to send out; discharge
13.sticking together or connected in some way
15.to leave or give up completely
19.very unpleasant and objectionable
20.a forcing out
21.elements on both sides of a line that have the same shape, size and arrangement
24.to give up power, authority, or the throne
25.to exist at thte same time or in the same place
26.a statement that is opposite to another statement
28.to form a new thing by combining parts from other things; to unite or merge
30.a horse-like animal with one horn
31.prefix meaning away or away from
32.prefix meaning two
33.prefix meaning four
37.a figure with four sides and angles
40.producing the opposite of what is desired or intended
42.to labor or work together
44.happiness; overwhelming feelings of joy
46.speaking two languages
47.not typical, average, or normal
50.something used to associate with other people
51.a selected passage from a book or article
52.a departure or journey away from a place
1.to voluntarily keep from
3.the point in the moon's or a satellite's orbit when it is farthest from the earth
6.to bring together
7.a group of three plays or books with a common theme
9.to force or press out
11.control by one person or one company
12.not concrete or related to specific things; not easy to understand
14.an athletic contest usually involving swimming, running and biking
16.made of separate parts or elements
17.prefix meaning with
18.one color
20.ignoring social conventions; odd
22.a weight used to balance another weight
23.demonstrative; unreserved
24.to take away by force
27.unyielding; unreasonably determined to have one's own way
29.to give off bubbles; to show excitement or liveliness
30.to make one
31.the original inhabitants of a country
34.prefix meaning outside or out of
35.an agreement or harmony
36.an opponent
38.happening every two years
39.to gather together
41.not straight; slanting, inclined, or sloping
43.without restraint
45.to come together with great force
48.a house that has two separate units
49.throw out

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