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Neighborhood Problems page 122

Beginning Class January 2014

1 2 3 4
6                 7 8
        9       10        
11             12              
  13     14    
16   17              
19         20              

5.Broken power line
6.Take finished petition here
9.A bad accident
11.The sign says this
13.A bad group
15.In my kitchen or bathroom
17.Sign this
18.Trash on the ground
19.Ugly plants
20.A person who wants to fix problems
1.Very poor neighborhood
2.Old, broken, disrepair, run down
3.Do not take care of
4.A homeless person
7.When someone steals from your home
8.A person who breaks windows
10.This group helps neighbors
12.An empty house
14.Gang paint on a wall
15.The month of MLK Jr.'s birthday
16.To hang out in front of a store

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