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Yoshi's BiWeekly Puzzle #1

thekingYoshi, aka CJ_T

Yoshi's BiWeekly Puzzle number 1. Publish date: Wednesday, Jan 29 2014. Number in parenthesis is amount of letters in word(s). Enjoy!

1     2      
  4 5
6 7     8      
9                 10      
12 13               14              
    17 18           19     20
22               23              

1.Really good band… of bugs? (7)
3.Shocked to the point of amazement. (9)
8.The month that is only one letter different from Hera's Roman form. (4)
9.The independent country with the lowest population (colonies of other countries do not count). (7, 4)
11.The 5th and final word in the longest name of any country in the world at this point in time. (5)
13.The long - term average conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds in an area. (7)
14.The side of a mountain that gets a lot of precipitation. (8)
15.The only continent without a city called Rome on it. (10)
18.This huge, white creature is always left - handed. (5, 4)
22.The line at 23.5 degrees south latitude that goes around the globe. (6, 2, 6)
24.Thing that goes very fast, and is the same, whether read forwards or backwards. (7)
26.The side of a mountain that gets almost no precipitation. (7)
2.The line at 23.5 degrees north latitude that goes around the globe. (6, 2, 9)
4.Small instrument played by holding it and blowing through it. (9)
5.The only Olympian Greek goddess who's name does not start with an A or an H. (7)
6.Kind of food which was invented by the Earl of ______ because it was easier to eat while he played cards. (8)
7.The sum of all the digits of the smallest number that can be evenly divided by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. (4)
10.Term for a pregnant goldfish. (4)
12.Each day is 55 _________ of a second longer than the day before. (9)
16.A major city in Italy, like Rome. (7)
17.What is tilted 23.5 degrees that causes a temperature difference in July and January. (4)
19.The line that goes along the longest (distance - wise) line of latitude. (7)
20.The continent which has a monsoon season commonly. (4)
21.The storm caused by the directions of sea and land breezes moving around. (7)
23.The country with the largest population: Over three times as many people that are in the U.S.A.. (5)
25.Numbers of letters in Persephone's name needing to be changed to make an anagram of her Roman form. (3)

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