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Inside the earth

Patrick Daugherty

1 2
3                       4
    5       6  
    9 10    
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  13           14
          16                 17

3.Soft layer of mantle tectonic plates move
5.Rising of regions of the earth
7.Bending of rock layers due to stress
8.Tin solid outer layer of the earth
15.Boundary formed by sliding underneath and above
16.Boundary formed by collision
18.The Name for the continents before they drifted apart
19.Cause of where the continents our now of days and where they have been and will be (2 Words)
20.Between core and athenspere
1.In between crust and core
2.Process of where magma comes up and solidifies from water (3 Words)
4.The sinking of regions of the earth
6.A break in a rock which one slide relative to another
9.Theory of how tectonic plates change shape (2 Words)
10.A block of lithosphere consists of crust and part of mantle (2 Words)
11.Stress that occurs when forces act to squeeze an object
12.Solid outer layer consists if core and part of mantle
13.Boundary formed by tectonic plates moving apart
14.Third layer center of the earth
17.Stress when forces act to stretch a object

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